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Jan. 19, 2018                                               (accompanying audio below)

I decide that I want to grow a plant...a flowering vine. So, I take a small seed and place it in a small dug out hole in the dirt to then cover it over. I water it. And I wait. I check it every day and I spray something on it to keep the bugs off/out so they won't eat the good stuff inside/outside the seed so it can thrive. And I wait some more.

At first the seed is dormant. But when it finds that it now has the perfect environment things become activated. It begins to grow. At first it just stirs inside, but then reactions within itself begin to differentiate and respond. Different jobs get done. Feeding within itself becomes

successful and the seed opens and pushes up and out. A small stem emerges with tiny new leaves. Those leaves are the lungs for the plant to grow as it seeks out the sunshine. The roots are looking for water. It's growing in both directions.

So… I decide that I want to attain God within myself. I...literally...become EXACTLY like that little seed. I am a human spiritual seed. I take myself and put me in a 'favorable condition for spiritual growth'. I get rested. I get sunshine. I clear out my head as best I can so I stop anything that's distracting or polluting my mind...TV, gaming, music, reading...anything that is spiritual garbage for my mind goes away! I eat well. I stop negativity with anyone in my life, including social media. I spend time in nature and look for beautiful things. I listen to my Urantia Book on audio, the fifth epochal revelation of God to man. I am purposefully YIELDING to what Truth has told me to do and WILL work. And I wait...


I begin to attempt to find He who dwells within me. At first I just go to sleep ~ LOL! I can't even maintain focus at ALL! But He knows what I need. So that's what He AND She DO with me. And as I sleep They begin to stir things up...reorganize things...reshape things...and they only do as much as I can handle for that day. The next day I yield and focus more...They do more. I remain grateful in my heart and mind. I think about everything I can that makes me feel LOVE and I thank Him for it. I'm feeling thankful, childlike, grateful and LOVE. They know ME ~ this little human religious seed/plant. They know how ~ what ~ when ~ where I can progress. And They know how far They can take me when I am established in the spiritual soil and my LIVING ROOTS are growing...deeper.


They know YOU! Just yield to Him like that little seed in the dirt in the hole. Just do it and wait. They Will Do All The Work! And when your heart has taken hold of the LIVING ROOTS of Truth you will change, grow, progress, think and do things that you realize you could never do by yourself. You are beginning to 'think' like Him...WITH HIM!  

Blessings, Lucy

david norwood