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PRAYER: PATH TO WORSHIP                             (accompanying audio below)

Jan. 24, 2018

I would encourage you all to look carefully at the definitions of these words that our Revelators chose to describe how prayer and worship worked for Jesus. Let’s all remember that He was divine and HUMAN. In every way that He possibly could Jesus maintained His human standing. What I am saying is this: We are far more capable of accomplishing the higher spiritual achievements than we have ever known before. Jesus is our role model!



1. the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.



    1. the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.

      synonyms: reverence, veneration, adoration, glorification, glory, exaltation; devotion, praise, thanksgiving, homage, honor;



      1. the amount or number of a material or immaterial thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement.

        synonyms: amount, total, aggregate, sum, quota, mass, weight, volume, bulk



        1. in a deliberate and intentional way.

          • in a way that is directly perceptible to and under the control of the person concerned.

        When we begin to attempt to worship we can initially pray to Jesus, our Spirit of Truth who lives within our very souls, and tell Him our desires, thoughts and concerns. Jesus is actually THERE in our minds helping us to go on UP into true worship with God. When we achieve true worship by way of prayer we are in intimate contact with our Father. Just as Jesus did on a much higher level we are able to receive QUANTITATIVELY actual blessings that can be personally and CONSCIOUSLY realized. Please listen ~ You will begin to KNOW that you are ‘thinking with God’. You will become aware that your mind is expanding, your insight is enlarging and your awareness and desire for your Father is becoming central to your heart’s deepest longings.

        This is the sweetest thing that I have ever known. My love for my husband is core to my experience of joy as a human woman. This spiritual experience of attaining God in worship is inexplicably spiritually TRANSFORMING on a level that I cannot explain. When you do this you will say the very same things.

        This was His gospel message!

        To the kingdom of God that dwells within.

        Blessings ~ Lucy

        david norwood