The Father's Will

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THE FATHER’S WILL                                   

Jan. 24, 2018

The Master had many talks with Simon, but he never fully succeeded in making an internationalist out of this ardent Jewish nationalist. Jesus often told Simon that it was proper to want to see the social, economic, and political orders improved, but he would always add: "That is not the business of the kingdom of heaven. We must be dedicated to the doing of the Father's will. Our business is to be ambassadors of a spiritual government on high, and we must not immediately concern ourselves with aught but the representation of the will and character of the divine Father who stands at the head of the government whose credentials we bear." It was all difficult for Simon to comprehend, but gradually he began to grasp something of the meaning of the Master's teaching. 139:11.9

Many in our current group of those who read the teachings of the 5th epochal revelation today concern themselves with many things. Some see themselves as activists out to protest the many evils in our day and time. Others see themselves as some kind of gurus intently focused upon telling their small audiences all of the facts ABOUT this revelation or Jesus’ life and teachings (something we have been told not to do). Far too many run around our social media outlets making statements of argument and the demeaning of anyone who doesn’t agree with their perspectives on this or that ~ usually something political or profit-motive.

When we look up there at what Jesus told Simon it is crystal clear what Jesus desired of us. He wanted us to be ambassadors of a spiritual government on high. He wanted us to represent the will and character of our divine Father. In essence, Jesus was saying that the Father IS our Father’s will. We are to teach people how to attain their Father for themselves. When we are faithful to this cause and one focus we accomplish three things: First, we give to our hungry people on this troubled world real hope for their personal peace and spiritual growth. This is a great gift indeed! Second, we contribute to putting our world on the path to Light and Life ~ something this planet finds itself in desperate need of. Third, we move our own personal spiritual careers up ten notches in success and recognition for great future work after this life in the flesh has run its course.

The choice is our own. The actions are ours to execute. The consequences are His!

Blessings, Lucy

david norwood