The Highest Sense

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THE HIGHEST SENSE                                  (accompanying audio below)

Jan. 25, 2018

I find it so compelling the way that They will work with us if we desire so.

In the first month of my discovering this 5th epochal revelation of God to man ~ our Urantia Book ~ I had an actual spiritual experience. More than one thing occurred in this experience but probably the MOST important piece of information that I received was this impression in my mind. And it was this, “Do you now understand that you are a lowly 3rd density mortal woman? Do you see how you cannot maintain what I am showing you? You cannot be useful if you try to be more than you are. If you will maintain this humble attitude you can accomplish great things for God. If you cannot ~ We cannot work with you.” And as I was freaking out I wholeheartedly agreed!!!

And here we are today with this passage pointing out ‘the highest sense’.

We ARE lowly 3rd density human mortals. To think anything else is at the very least pride and hubris and at the most frightening it becomes lunacy. Let’s agree now to be the very best mortal men and women ~ sons and daughters of God ~ that we possibly can be. THEN we become ‘useful’!

There are times in our lives when we are very material-minded. We may be looking for a physical mate to love and share life with. We may be having children and ALL that this HUGE endeavor entails. This requires So much work, So much money, So much time and patience and So much energy on every level. And this is noble for we are gifting to our Father new little humans for Him to indwell and then they get to journey to their Father as well. Our Revelators tell us that we have to earn a living. And this is not easy either. We sometimes become sick and realize just how lowly we really are. All of these experiences remind us that we need God in this life of the flesh on our planet still troubled by spiritual rebellion.

Just this morning, as I was beginning to work on this blog, I had a very difficult physical experience that I believe was a reminder that I am lowly, material and wonderfully loved exactly as I am and in this human state.


And yet in the highest sense we worship the Father! There is NO greater experience for us than to attain our Father who does indeed dwell within the mind of lowly mortal men and women ~ young and old ~ of every race and color and from every walk of life. HE IS CONTACTABLE! And this is what the people of our world need to know. And it is my belief that if you are reading this YOU will be one of those shining lights that will take this brightness of these Living Truths to what Jesus described as a dark and evil world. (And this was another spiritual experience...I’ll tell you later on.)

To you, the noble ambassadors for our Father. Blessings ~ Lucy

david norwood