We Begin

Jesus Monk.jpg

Jan. 12, 2018                       (accompanying audio below)

We begin! Each one of us have some day in our lives whereby we begin to move away from material-mindedness and toward those things more spiritual. David and I began our spiritual journeys long before this first audio or website was made. But today we have now put it out there for all to see. We briefly explain in this first audio what we are committed to and why. It is our deepest and heartfelt hope that you will sincerely join us as our brothers and sisters in Jesus who choose to link arms and pursue the kingdom of heaven as one loving group. What an adventure. What a divine romance! We look forward to the thrilling days ahead where, together with our celestial friends, we become the sons and daughters of God who will clearly reveal to the people of our world what Jesus meant when He said ‘I am the door.’

Blessings, Lucy

david norwood