What Leads Us Godward

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The divine spirit makes contact with mortal man, not by feelings or emotions, but in the realm of the highest and most spiritualized thinking. It is your thoughts, not your feelings, that lead you Godward. The divine nature may be perceived only with the eyes of the mind. But the mind that really discerns God, hears the indwelling Adjuster, is the pure mind. “Without holiness no man may see the Lord.” All such inner and spiritual communion is termed spiritual insight. Such religious experiences result from the impress made upon the mind of man by the combined operations of the Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth as they function amid and upon the ideas, ideals, insights, and spirit strivings of the evolving sons of God. 101:1.3

Accurate FACTS that we can now ascertain from this passage:

* God makes contact with us through pure mind

* Our thoughts lead us toward God

* God CAN be SEEN with the mind

* It is both our Father (Thought Adjusters) and Jesus (Spirit of Truth poured out on the day of Pentecost to the entire planet) who ‘impress’ this on our minds.

What remains is simply our desire to see God ~ or not.

Free will reigns!

Jesus told His group to lay siege to this!

If you desire to enter the kingdom, why do you not take it by spiritual assault even as the heathen take a city they lay siege to? 155:1.3

siege noun 1. a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.

    The more time that you spend in this endeavor the better this experience and your mind become in doing it. It is no wonder that Enoch translated right off of this world without death. He must have spent an enormous amount of time in this experience.

    When a human being has completed the circles of cosmic achievement, and further, when the final choosing of the mortal will permits the Adjuster to complete the association of human identity with the morontial soul during evolutionary and physical life, then do such consummated liaisons of soul and Adjuster go on independently to the mansion worlds, and there is issued the mandate from Uversa which provides for the immediate fusion of the Adjuster and the morontial soul. This fusion during physical life instantly consumes the material body; the human beings who might witness such a spectacle would only observe the translating mortal disappear "in chariots of fire." 110:7.2

    How much time do we spend keeping our minds entertained by television, movies, gaming etc…? This is not by accident. This is by design! And in order to achieve any kind of completed cosmic circles a healthy ego must be in place. An exalted ego (as in a prideful attitude) is detrimental to any spiritual growth. But we must have our God-given and healthy ego in tact in order to make the mental-awareness-jump to actual contact with our Father in pure mind/ bona fide adoration. This is not any kind of miraculous course in a spiritual step function. There is no such thing as this. However, persistent and siege-like THOUGHTS in private and personal worship will avail the child of God much in the quick efforts to make contact with their indwelling divine being.

    And note this: When laying ‘siege’ to a place the armies are simply still and waiting ~ are they not? The battle is won not by violence, high emotional reactions or temper tantrums. The battle is won by persistent consistent patience in the effort!

    This is yours for the taking. Our Revelators and Jesus have said so. We are left with either believing them with faith and acting upon this.

    Or, well...there is usually always something on TV to watch.

    Blessings, Lucy

    david norwood