Something Interesting Left OUT!

It begs the question ‘what is going on’?


When Jesus is left out in this kind of presentation it is apparent that His gospel message of ‘the kingdom of God that dwells within every mind’ is making someone/s uncomfortable. And why might that be? Here’s a screen shot of what they allowed us to see.


This part high-lighted in bold italics shows you the part that was left OUT of the presentation of The Publication Mandate on the Foundation’s site. Why in the world would you choose to leave out the most important part? Is there something about Jesus and His/our Father relating to personal spiritual experience that you don’t appreciate?

THE TIMING OF THE URANTIA BOOK    (Generally designated as)  The Publication Mandate

"But the publication of the Book has not been postponed to that (possibly) somewhat remote date. An early publication of the Book has been provided so that it may be in hand for the training of leaders and teachers. Its presence is also required to engage the attention of persons of means who may be thus led to provide funds for translations into other languages.

"(You) who have dedicated (your) lives to the service of the Book and the Brotherhood can little realize the import of (your) doings. (You) will doubtless live and die without fully realizing that (you) are participating in the birth of a new age of religion on this world.

"The future is not open to (your) mortal comprehension, but (you) will do well to diligently study the order, plan, and methods of progression as they were enacted in the earth life of Michael when the Word was made flesh. You are becoming actors in an ensuing episode when the Word is made Book. Great is the difference in these dispensations of religion, but many are the lessons which can be learned from a study of the former age.

"(You) must again study the times of Jesus on earth. (You) must carefully take note of how the kingdom of heaven was inaugurated in the world. Did it evolve slowly and unfold naturally? or did it come with sudden show of force and with spectacular exhibition of power? Was it evolutionary or revolutionary?

"(You) must learn to possess (your) souls in patience. (You) are in association with a revelation of truth which is a part of the natural evolution of religion on this world. Overrapid growth would be suicidal. The book is being given to those who are ready for it long before the day of its world-wide mission. Thousands of study groups must be brought into existence and the book must be translated into many tongues. Thus will the book be in readiness when the battle for man's liberty is finally won and the world is once more made safe for the religion of Jesus and the freedom of mankind." (10.5)

In The History of the Urantia Movement, by Dr. William S. Sadler, this message is titled, The Publication Mandate. [This paper was presented by William S. Sadler, Jr. to the Forum on the above date. For public consumption, the pronouns were modified, e.g., “we” instead of “you.” For this purpose we have changed them back to the original. Copies of this paper were inserted into the secretary’s notebook. COMPILED BY: Certain members of the General Council of URANTIA BROTHERHOOD

It was revolutionary!

The kingdom of heaven was inaugurated by REVELATION.

And revelation = immediate!

This term ‘overrapid growth’ does not mean that we are to exclude what Jesus specifically asked His group (and now us) to do as the Foundation has just done. This almost smacks of rebel behavior. Yes, I just said that!

Holding our own souls in patience simply means that we are to work deliberately and yet be patient as we allow our unseen friends to have the time that They require to guide and network our people. That’s what They do!

This phrase ‘thousands of study groups must be brought into existence’ comes AFTER we have employed ALL that Jesus instructed for us to do. That is what the Publication Mandate states! And this includes holding PARAMOUNT His gospel message of the Fatherhood of God, by way of personal worship/attainment in the kingdom within every individual mind as the prerequisite for the brotherhood of man.

This phrase ’and the book must be translated into many tongues’ is also interesting. In 60ish years how many translations do we have? How much do these cost? Why are thousands of dollars going to world travel for a few when the number of translations are embarrassingly low? For instance: The Chinese translation group has been given a monetary stipend to last over 40 years! That’s about 1 or 2 pages translated a WEEK!

Seriously, is this the best that we can do?

Yes! Where are all of the loving leaders? In fact, where is the spiritual POWER? When Jesus and His gospel message of personal spiritual attainment of the Father is removed from the mix this is the result. And worse yet would be (and has been) to put some warm body in the place of a position of vital leadership just so that appearances can be kept up. When that is done bad decisions are made, people get hurt, the organizations take many steps back, ethics and values are lowered and most serious of all ~ the celestial brothers will take action so that this revelation does not SUBMERGE!

And we can all see that they already have.


How many people are actually attending these conferences?

How much money does it cost for a regular UB reader to get there?

Is this inclusive?

If the cost is prohibitive for the vast majority of our people then this becomes ‘exclusive’ by de facto!

How much donation money does it take for these special ones to travel the globe to ‘run’ these conferences that so few attend?

Are these good monetary decisions?

Are the numbers of our UB movement growing exponentially?

Or, are these all the same people?

And, are some people simply having a blast traveling the globe on our dime without much success to report?

Why cannot all of this be done by the conference calling technology, like Zoom, at our finger tips in our own homes for nearly FREE leaving more money for translations?



How many were in attendance?

Are you discussing promoting the revelation while you exclude Jesus and what the Mandate/Revelators asked of you?

Or, are you talking ABOUT a book and the promotion thereto?

Lucifer promoted lots of things.
Lucifer excluded the Father at all costs!
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Blessings, Lucy

david norwood