Jesus: A Forceful Intellectual Powerhouse

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Jan. 31, 2018

Who is the most attractive person that you can think of at this moment? What makes them attractive to you? Are they inspiring...funny...good-looking...loving? Why do you find them so enticing?

It is time to present to our world the real Jesus as accurately described by those who were in His presence.

Jesus was incredibly attractive! He was an intellectual magnet for those who were stimulated by deep and challenging thoughts. He drew men and women by His dynamic presence and speech that virtually uplifted everyone in the room. He was no pithy mystic who used vague language that flew out into many directions. He spoke with absolute clarity of purpose and meaning. And when He spoke it was with a sense of finality.

People of sincere substance like this! We have far too little of this today. If Jesus were here today He would draw all men and women to Him with an obvious and irresistible manhood encased with an aura of spiritual force. The youth would rush towards Him to follow His teachings and actions of ‘doing good’. Women would make a way to find the time to listen to His wisdom, not only for their own mental peace and transcendent joy, but for what they knew they could teach their children. Red-blooded men would stand in His presence and consider how they could become more like Him in every way.

Contemplate these words:











It’s time for our world to KNOW HIM!

It’s time for you and for me to present Jesus to our people as He really is.

Now, who’s with me?

Blessings ~ Lucy

david norwood