Thrilled and Stirred!

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Jan. 2, 2018

As David and I have talked about those common childhood memories relating to our first moral decisions in life we find even more common defining moments. There are times when, for some reason, I am struck motionless as thoughts rush through my mind of the kind of woman of substance my heart longs to be. I will sense a flush of inspirational desire to uplift others somehow in the time that I have left here on this planet. Before The Urantia Book I looked to my Bible for any wisdom or motivation in this endeavor. Somehow, I always found myself in the New Testament either reading words from first-hand students of Jesus or the actual words that my Master had spoken ~ many times recorded by oral tradition.

He is here right NOW!

The facts ABOUT His life may tickle the mind momentarily but then we usually move on with whatever material-minded tyranny of the urgent is required next. But facts do not hold the spiritual life-changing power like His personal Spirit does as we relate to Him by faith and through our spiritual connection within our own souls ~ WHERE HE LIVES.

The call to the adventure of building a new and transformed human society by means of the spiritual rebirth of Jesus’ brotherhood of the kingdom should thrill all who believe in him as men have not been stirred since the days when they walked about on earth as his companions in the flesh. 195:10.6

A really sorry analogy would be to compare this to one’s desire to have a better body. We are inspired when we look at someone’s before and after picture and the changes are dramatic. We can read an ad for a new gym at a great price. We can then look out the window and dream of what our bodies might become with some care and workouts. But nothing compares to the actual endorphins fired up in the brain after 30 minutes of walking. Personal physical uplift is ‘felt’ after 5 days of clean eating and nights of solid and restful sleep. This is because our experience moved from thinking about FACTS into personal choices acted upon by personal experiences.

Currently ~ Jesus is known FACTUALLY on our world as a point in history. A new religion was born as Peter stated the fact that Jesus, God’s Son, rose from the dead after crucifixion and was then glorified. And then everyone back then socialized these FACTS. Nothing has changed today except more money, bells and whistles by way of technology and a church (or mega church) on every street corner, so to speak.

We are lacking a true brotherhood of Jesus based upon the Father, whom He taught dwells within everyone. The world-wide change happens not because of this FACT but because all brothers and sisters are defined as such because they ~ each one ~ have become spiritually ALIVE by THIS - their Father’s Spirit in personal worship experience.

The reason Jesus asked us to preach these truths is not because we are to determine an-other's personal spiritual standing before God and then decide whether or not to speak. He instructed us to do so because of the Father fragments ~ the Thought Adjusters ~ who work with each human mind.

There is no saving power in our words. Jesus Himself has His own drawing power. Even our Revelators say they don’t completely understand this. Nonetheless, it is true. And nonetheless He has asked for us to comply if we say that we love Him. And in this potential ~ possibility ~ purpose ~ we should be stirred as NEVER BEFORE! We should choose to pick up the dropped baton at the foot of Peter and start running this race as one large and loving group for the upward call of the cause of Jesus, our only begotten Son of God who lived, walked and spoke on our world 2000+ years ago.

We are loved.

We are helped.

We are watched.

Everything we do for God is recorded by our angels.


Blessings ~ Lucy

david norwood