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Our first question might be: What are we offering to our people? Are we offering more facts and knowledge ABOUT something? Our book and Jesus specifically tell us that this means nothing in the real scheme of things for someone’s uplift of their personal experiences/true religion. The only thing that has the power to really affect any true change in the heart, mind or life of a fellow human being here on planet Earth is the change that God Himself can wrought within them. Facts do not accomplish this.

It’s like this. If a young man comes to you with his true and heart-felt longings for a life partner what will you tell him? Will you tell him all about the FACTS relating to the companionship, tax benefits and helpfulness of marriage? Will you tell him of the potential fun and lineage that having children might hold for his young heart? Will you tell him how he may feel after a 30 year stable and working relationship to the bride of his youth? Will any of this really affect his heart?

NO. It will only be information. It will not meet his needs for inspiration toward his desired goal.

HOWEVER, if you tell him your personal story of how your heart was moved, thrilled, enlarged and satisfied by entering into a life-long friendship and love-r relationship with the soul-mate of YOUR life, he may hear you. If you tell him just what a successful relationship looks like with personal stories of the physical exhilaration, stimulating conversations, busting-out belly laughing, pains and challenges alongside joys and tears that emerged as YOU personally experienced a true and lasting marriage his heart may just end up becoming thrilled also.

THEORY won’t cut it here! And neither will theory work when attempting to capture the mind and heart of our people for the goal of authentic kingdom-building.

"And now have I brought you apart with me and by yourselves for a little while that you may comprehend the glory, and grasp the grandeur, of the life to which I have called you: the faith-adventure of the establishment of my Father's kingdom in the hearts of mankind, the building of my fellowship of living association with the souls of all who believe this gospel." ~ Jesus 157:6.14

I ask you to listen and truly take into your mind what our Revelators are saying here:

One purpose which Jesus had in mind, when he sought to segregate certain features of his earthly experience, was to prevent the building up of such a versatile and spectacular career as would cause subsequent generations to VENERATE THE TEACHER in place of OBEYING the truth which he had lived and taught. Jesus did not want to build up such a human record of achievement as would attract attention from his teaching. Very early he recognized that his followers would be tempted to formulate a RELIGION ABOUT HIM which might become a competitor of the gospel of the kingdom that he intended to proclaim to the world. Accordingly, he consistently sought to suppress everything during his eventful career which he thought might be made to serve this natural human tendency to exalt the teacher in place of PROCLAIMING HIS TEACHINGS (of the kingdom within). 128:4.6

Jesus does NOT want us to venerate this revelation to our people (a compilation of historical facts or cosmic information). He wants us to show our people who their Father is and how to attain Him for themselves...just like a young man might want to find a wife to graft his life into in every way possible!

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We must first privately ask ourselves if we have attained the Father in personal spiritual experience before ever considering if we are ready for a public ministry as Jesus has requested of each of His disciples. Would our sharing be authentic? Would the tones of our voices exude a sincerity and compelling quality of spiritual ‘alive-ness’? Or would we come off like a marriage counselor asking $120/hour yet has never been married?

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Does anyone remember the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’? Robin Williams plays the counselor who lost his wife to cancer. He tells Will that he has all of the facts and information right about having a real relationship but that he is basically bereft (completely void) of any real understanding or passion about this topic. Robin goes on to level this young man at the very core of his soul because he has never truly ~ sincerely ~ deeply ~ loved a woman.

Jesus endeavored to make clear to his apostles the difference between his teachings and his life among them and the teachings which might subsequently spring up ABOUT him. Said Jesus: "My kingdom and the gospel related thereto shall be the burden of your message. Be not sidetracked into preaching ABOUT me or ABOUT my teachings. Proclaim the gospel of the kingdom and portray my revelation of the Father in heaven but do not be misled into the bypaths of creating legends and building up a cult having to do with beliefs and teachings ABOUT my beliefs and teachings." But again they did not understand why he thus spoke, and no man dared to ask why he so taught them. 138:6.3

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Before we talk about ANY ministry strategies we might first become absolutely authentic and sincere in what we actually KNOW about the Father. We might sit right here until we actually have something worth saying!

The call to the adventure of building a new and transformed human society by means of the spiritual rebirth of Jesus' brotherhood of the kingdom should thrill all who believe in him as men have not been stirred since the days when they walked about on earth as his companions in the flesh. ~ Revelator 195:10.6

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Blessings ~ Lucy

david norwood