Discourse on Spiritual Gravity and How It Works

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Spiritually, the Eternal Son is omnipresent. The spirit of the Eternal Son is most certainly with you and around you, but not within you and a part of you like the Mystery Monitor (aka Thought Adjuster or Father Fragments). The indwelling Father fragment ADJUSTS the human mind to progressively divine attitudes, whereupon such an ascending mind BECOMES increasingly RESPONSIVE to the spiritual drawing power of the all-powerful SPIRIT-GRAVITY CIRCUIT of the Second Source and Center (The Eternal Son ~ of whom our Jesus hails). 6:4.6

This is revelation friends! Revelation is something immediately given to us. We didn’t have to go through eons and eons of evolutionary learning to obtain it. I guess people resist this because they are afraid of it?...intimidated by it?...pridefully offended by it? I don’t know! Nevertheless, these truths have been REVEALED to us by our friends who are attempting to help us find the Father within so that our minds may be transformed. They state it right there.

Everything taught concerning the immanence of God, his omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience, is equally true of the Son in the spiritual domains. The pure and universal SPIRIT GRAVITY of all creation, this exclusively spiritual CIRCUIT, leads directly back to the person of the Second Source and Center on Paradise (the Eternal Son). He presides over the control and operation of that ever-present and unerring spiritual grasp of all true spirit values. 7:1.1

This picture helps to understand the nature and function of the Eternal Son as He relates to our Father. They are one yet they move individually. The Father, Son and Spirit are all ONE with no separation yet autonomous. The Father gave to the Son the domain of spirit-gravity of which we can become a part of. However, this doesn’t happen as a known ‘fact’. This happens by way of spiritual experience in personal and powerful true religion worship.

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This gravity control of spiritual things operates independently of time and space; therefore is spirit energy undiminished in transmission. Spirit gravity never suffers time delays, nor does it undergo space diminution. It does not decrease in accordance with the square of the distance of its transmission; the circuits of pure spirit power are not retarded by the mass of the material creation. And this transcendence of time and space by pure spirit energies is inherent in the absoluteness of the Son; it is not due to the interposition of the antigravity forces of the Third Source and Center. 7:1.2

Here’s the bottom line: There is a spirit entity inside of YOU that is not living in time or space. And it is LINKED to Paradise by a spirit-gravity CIRCUIT that you are fully capable of tapping into by way of your indwelling Thought Adjuster with Jesus (the Spirit of Truth) assisting you in every way possible to find it and LOCK IN TO IT! Nothing can touch this circuit! Neither time nor space can alter it in any way. In this you are going to grow. And you will be ASTONISHED with what you become. (And so will those around you.)

Spirit realities respond to the drawing power of the center of spiritual gravity in accordance with their qualitative value, their actual degree of spirit nature. Spirit substance (quality) is just as responsive to spirit gravity as the organized energy of physical matter (quantity) is responsive to physical gravity. Spiritual values and spirit forces are real. From the viewpoint of personality, spirit is the soul of creation; matter is the shadowy physical body. 7:3.1

Have you ever dropped a rock from high above down into a body of water? You can see the force of physical gravity doing its job. Spirit-gravity works just like that only QUALITATIVELY...meaning this matters because of their spiritual value being drawn back to God in Paradise. Our entire universe is based upon this. However, our scientists haven’t named it yet. But I suspect they know its there and just don’t know how to ‘qualify’ it as they are focused on the physical only ~ thus far. And re-read that last line: Spirit is the soul of creation. Matter (those physical fetters) are ONLY A SHADOW! How ‘bout we lose ‘em???

So, what should we be thinking more about these days? The material things that are fetters holding us down from spiritual growth/gravity? Or should we be trying to attain the Father in order to KNOW true freedom?

Free will reigns.

The reactions and fluctuations of spirit gravity are ever true to the CONTENT of spiritual values, the QUALITATIVE spiritual status of an INDIVIDUAL or a world. This drawing power is instantly responsive to the inter- and intraspirit values of any universe situation or planetary condition (we are still in spiritual rebellion). Every time a spiritual reality actualizes (us) in the universes, this change necessitates the immediate and instantaneous readjustment of spirit gravity. Such a new spirit is actually a part of the Second Source and Center; and just as certainly as mortal man becomes a spiritized being, he will attain the spiritual Son, the center and source of spirit gravity. 7:1.4

And what a great day that will be for each one of us. But our first attainment will be our Creator Son who is OF the Eternal Son ~ Jesus/Christ Michael (of which there are 161,121 in existence today in our Grand Universe which includes Paradise).

The Son's spiritual drawing power is inherent to a lesser degree in many Paradise orders of sonship. For there do exist within the absolute spirit-gravity circuit those local systems of spiritual attraction that function in the lesser units of creation. Such subabsolute focalizations of spirit gravity are a part of the divinity of the Creator personalities of time and space and are correlated with the emerging experiential overcontrol of the Supreme Being. 7:1.5

It is easy for us to somehow forget about the Supreme who is in time and space. But we should try and not do this. For as we can see He is directly impacted by our spiritual activity and the QUALITY of it. It is good to just stop sometimes ~ sit down ~ and to entirely focus upon this HUGE concept of cosmic truth. Our spiritual careers depend upon these issues coming into fruition.


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“You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will. Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments.

[I beseech you to let those 2 sentences sink in deep.]

It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one more human being. If each day or each week you achieve an understanding of one more of your fellows, and if this is the limit of your ability, then you are certainly socializing and truly spiritualizing your personality. Love is infectious, and when human devotion is INTELLIGENT and WISE, love is more catching than hate. But only GENUINE and UNSELFISH love is truly contagious. If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign VIRUS of love would soon pervade the SENTIMENTAL EMOTION-STREAM of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man.” (a by-product of the correct Fatherhood of God) 100:4.6

We have a spirit-gravity circuit and we have a sentimental emotion-stream of humanity. I suspect one is impenetrable by spiritual rebellion and one is terrifically manipulated by spiritual entities of rebellion.

We are back to square ONE! The Father! The Rev’s teach us that ‘love’ is not God. However God IS love.

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Our book begins and ends with the Father ~ not as some historical fact to merely be acknowledged as such. But He is the source and center of where love resides, and even so this is found in HIMSELF. I do find it interesting when love is proclaimed by UB readers, who should know better if they have actually read it entirely, as the apex for our planetary solutions. Without talking about AS and HOW to attain Him, as Jesus so taught and practiced Himself, we are left with the dregs of human will-attempts to accomplish something God imbues THROUGH us. And it states right up above this cannot be done just because we will it.

Please visit our blog on COMMUNAL WORSHIP which explains a technique that we like in the effort of attaining our Thought Adjusters who are completely contactable.

Now, here is what really kinda makes me giggle. I have read and heard so much talk about the knowledge ABOUT this revelation and the need to share it with the world but I have heard virtually NOTHING about true worship. It is as if long or short-time Urantia Book readers want to ‘teach’ this revelation for themselves rather than point EVERYONE to the Father who dwells within each of us. HE is the one who does the real spiritual life-changing teaching. Not us. Many of these folks have tied their personal teaching or involvement relating to this revelation with some kind of money-making, global travel/trips, reputation-making etc...efforts which become obviously suspect. And this makes me wonder a few things. If we truly begin to teach the attainment of the Father and HE begins to change our people from the inside out we won’t be so needed...will we? Our income – travel – profit – applause of men stream might just dry up in the awesome shadow of the Father who will consume the minds of men/women. We might just decrease as He increases.

Wait, I have heard that somewhere. Oh, yes!

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

david norwood