Discourse on Man’s Inhumanity To Man

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Man’s Inhumanity To Man          (accompanying audio below)

Feb. 17. 2018

Tabamantia, sovereign supervisor of the series of decimal or experimental worlds, came to inspect the planet and, after his survey of racial progress, duly recommended that Urantia be granted Material Sons. In a little less than one hundred years from the time of this inspection, Adam and Eve, a Material Son and Daughter of the local system, arrived and began the difficult task of attempting to UNTANGLE the CONFUSED affairs of a PLANET RETARDED by REBELLION and resting under the ban of spiritual isolation. 73:0.3

We have had a very upsetting past week. We are traumatized when we see shootings in schools, theaters, marathons, twin towers etc… Rightly so! We are a planet still in spiritual rebellion by those entities in league with the original rebel, Luc\ fer. [Paper 53 and 54 of The Urantia Book give that detailed historical explanation]

We have good-hearted and noble people who want to shout from the rooftops how wrong this is ~ how terrible our society has become ~ how things MUST change! They write post after post in social media stating from their perspective what should change and asking for us to sign petitions, share on our social media walls or protest in person some issue that they see as detrimental. I say again: Many of these are caring and passionate people who are sick and tired of a hurting world hurtling toward destruction.

But what is the real answer?

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Our Sovereign Master of our universe who came to our world 2000+ years ago has already given us the solution for our troubled world. He has asked for us to feed His sheep by giving to them the bread of Life which is the personal spiritual experience of knowing God in a growing and real relationship within their own minds and souls.

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This is kryptonite to any spiritual rebellion on our world. This is THE answer! And it will happen one mind at a time. And when one by one our human fellows find Him for themselves and are changed from within they will share it with others as well. And over and over and over again this good spiritual VIRUS will sweep the globe and we will be well on our way to Light and Life. This love of GOD will destroy the hate of this rebellion.

67:7.6 Sin on Urantia did very little to delay biologic evolution, but it did operate to deprive the mortal races of the full benefit of the Adamic inheritance. Sin enormously retards intellectual development, moral growth, social progress, and mass spiritual attainment. But it does not prevent the highest spiritual achievement by any individual who chooses to know God and sincerely do his divine will.

67:7.7 Caligastia rebelled, Adam and Eve did default, but no mortal subsequently born on Urantia has suffered in his personal spiritual experience because of these blunders. Every mortal born on Urantia since Caligastia’s rebellion has been in some manner time-penalized, but the future welfare of such souls has never been in the least eternity-jeopardized. No person is ever made to suffer vital spiritual deprivation because of the sin of another. Sin is wholly personal as to moral guilt or spiritual consequences, notwithstanding its far-flung repercussions in administrative, intellectual, and social domains.

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The choice is ours. And our Revelator’s along with our Master Jesus tells us that we are in no way hindered spiritually because of these tough times that we must endure on our retarded and confused world. And the reason is because our real challenge is this spiritual Journey To Our Father and not the shadow of these material problems we face in our 3rd density experiences that we can see with our material eyes or hear with our ears.

Who will go and tell?

Blessings ~ Lucy

david norwood