Discourse On Accelerating Social Evolution

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Spiritual pressure from above!

Jesus is our role model. He did not protest in anger. He taught the truths of His Father. He did not seethe with disgust and internal impatience for this world. He worshiped with His Father and found a well-spring of strength and power. He didn't blame all men for a few who hurt people. He continued to put spiritual pressure from above as He invited the children of God to seek Him first.

This accelerated social evolution.

It begins with US attaining our Father for ourselves as Jesus did.

This cannot be 'theory' for us. It must be REAL!

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Personal panic sets in when one feels orphaned by God. When purpose for life is found nowhere, an internal anarchy sets in that will eventually find expression outwardly. And the reverse is true as well. When people understand that they have a heavenly Father that loves them deeply, and is seeking to be close to them, new thoughts and emotions emerge. This is life anew born from the inside out.

Our children and our adult people don’t know this because they haven’t been taught this. Look at any of our major world religions and you will find a void right here in our global religious doctrines. We may find little tidbits here and there but a focus has never been placed directly upon son-ship with a heavenly Father apart from the true teachings of Jesus. And this is why our world as a whole is in a state of panic.

I invite you to think about this for just a minute: Do nearly ALL of the religious leaders/gurus that you know of receive some kind of personal perk/benefit from their positions of leadership (either appointed by others, by themselves or by de facto)? I would venture a strong guess of  YES! They do. Do most people on the material level of thinking want to reject any profit-motive grabs if their lives can be enhanced by them? Usually NOT. So, does it motivate a spiritual leader of any kind to convince the people that they need to continue to hold their personal positions in places of high esteem high, to continue to promote these positions to all of their friends, to continue to contribute either monetarily or materially to their personal lives and do they use means of fear in order to keep this structure in place? YES! They very often do.

And the atonement doctrine of Christianity (put forth by Moses first and continued on by Paul) does a fine job of putting fear in the hearts of men, women and children. Other world religions promote something as well that maintains a hierarchy of human leaders that hold sway over the people because these same people haven’t been encouraged to think for themselves.

Jesus came to change ALL of this.

I’ll never forget the day that I was vacuuming my floors 25 years ago and thinking about how it was that we had accomplished this feat for our lives. My first husband wanted to start an emergent Christian church following after the Willowcreek and Saddleback Valley style of community churches. In that decade there was a wave of young couples just like us starting new community churches all over the country. And we were successful! And how could we have done this? It is because every church in this genre at that time was autonomous (meaning they didn’t have to answer to anyone). And I saw how it worked. I saw how the sermons could sway the hearts and minds of the people to tithe (give 10% of everything they made back to our church). I saw how guilt or fear could get the people to ‘walk down the aisle’ for some commitment (usually emotional). I saw how the social opportunities were a drawing pull on the families who wanted children’s ministries for their kids because they themselves didn’t know exactly how to spiritually train them, single adults wanting to meet a potential mate apart from going somewhere like a bar, and everyone enjoyed getting dressed up and coming to the ‘big meeting’.

The concept of ‘church’ supplanted the truth of what real true religion is/was. And what leader/guru would want to say anything that would cut the fetters of their own personal salary or perks? So, it all works as a system to keep the people in check and those in authority in position. And it’s not just churches. Look at most any religious/spiritual organization/enterprise. If money is involved then there is probably some kind of manipulation in play. But not from Jesus. He walked away from the 5000 when they asked for Him to be their king. He never asked for money.

Truth is God. Love is God. Beauty is God.

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If you have seen the Son then you have seen the Father.

Our world needs to know that God indwells their very minds. And we need to do this without an emphasis on the evil that exists although acknowledging it’s horrors. We need to exalt the good by promoting its good consequences for the individual and the group. This is a very fine line. And how do we ascertain this? We look to Jesus every single time!

Jesus Exalts the Good.png

I love that picture. Jesus is carrying the gun and the backpack while forthrightly teaching the Nazi soldier the truths that his young manly heart longs to embrace. He is natural, sure, strong, powerful and successful! And we can be also.

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We panic because we don’t know how to live well. And we don’t know how to live well because we are like little ships run aground. But we are not lost and we are not orphaned. We have been given the very Son of our Great Source and Center who came here ~ lived among us ~ and SHOWED US THE WAY.

We can be successful in our lives. Our children can grow up knowing the internal fortitude that every good parent longs for them to walk therein. The answers are found in our Father. Our help comes from Jesus, our Spirit of Truth that lives in your (and your children’s) very souls. We are NOT alone.

Become who you were made to be.

Blessings ~ Lucy

From Paper 52: 6.7 of The Urantia Book, 5th epochal revelation of God to mankind. Part 4 is the life of Jesus with dictated words of our Master from those who were present with Him (unseen to humans).

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