Discourse On Social Media: Personal Message

Feb 22 2018

This audio (below) is straight from my heart!

I’ll let the audio do it’s job. All I will add here are some passages that we may all reflect upon as we seek to obey Jesus in this planetary mission to promote the Father.

141:0.2 Just before leaving, the apostles missed the Master, and Andrew went out to find him. After a brief search he found Jesus sitting in a boat down the beach, and he was weeping. The twelve had often seen their Master when he seemed to grieve, and they had beheld his brief seasons of serious preoccupation of mind, but none of them had ever seen him weep. Andrew was somewhat startled to see the Master thus affected on the eve of their departure for Jerusalem, and he ventured to approach Jesus and ask: “On this great day, Master, when we are to depart for Jerusalem to proclaim the Father’s kingdom, why is it that you weep? Which of us has offended you?” And Jesus, going back with Andrew to join the twelve, answered him: “No one of you has grieved me. I am saddened only because none of my father Joseph’s family have remembered to come over to bid us Godspeed.”

150:7.3 Thus did the Master find himself in the midst of, not a welcome homecoming, but a decidedly hostile and hypercritical atmosphere. But this was not all. His enemies, knowing that he was to spend this Sabbath day in Nazareth and supposing that he would speak in the synagogue, had hired numerous rough and uncouth men to harass him and in every way possible make trouble.

142:0.2 The first day in Jerusalem Jesus called upon his friend of former years, Annas, the onetime high priest and relative of Salome, Zebedee’s wife. Annas had been hearing about Jesus and his teachings, and when Jesus called at the high priest’s home, he was received with much reserve. When Jesus perceived Annas’s coldness, he took immediate leave, saying as he departed: “Fear is man’s chief enslaver and pride his great weakness; will you betray yourself into bondage to both of these destroyers of joy and liberty?” But Annas made no reply. The Master did not again see Annas until the time when he sat with his son-in-law in judgment on the Son of Man.

185:2.15 When Jesus heard these accusations, he well knew that he had not been heard on these matters before the Jewish court, and so did John Zebedee and his accusers, but he made no reply to their false charges. Even when Pilate bade him answer his accusers, he opened not his mouth. Pilate was so astonished at the unfairness of the whole proceeding and so impressed by Jesus’ silent and masterly bearing that he decided to take the prisoner inside the hall and examine him privately.

185:2.16 Pilate was confused in mind, fearful of the Jews in his heart, and mightily stirred in his spirit by the spectacle of Jesus’ standing there in majesty before his bloodthirsty accusers and gazing down on them, not in silent contempt, but with an expression of genuine pity and sorrowful affection.

When Jesus was accused He went silent.

When Jesus was in the presence of one who had nefarious plans for Him ~ He left.

When Jesus knew that His family was bitter towards Him ~ He didn’t go by way of Nazareth.

Beware of those spiritual leaders who enjoy ‘tribunals’ in order to control someone they don’t like. When someone mocks another this is suspect. This is not loving and it is not the way Jesus did things.

In social media when rude accusations or misrepresentations are made publicly the correct ‘button’ to push should not be labeled ‘unfriend’. It should be labeled ‘I’m stepping away now from you’. The word ‘friend’ should be ‘acquaintance’ instead. How can someone have over 100 true ‘friends’...or 4999? And Facebook/social media does this on purpose to erode the normal social fabric of community.

If you have listened to GOSSIP have the integrity to go straight to the person of conversation and ask them directly about the tale that you have chosen to listen to. Otherwise, you have become a part of the problem! These are those moral decisions that either build up our souls are tear them down. The Revelators are very clear about this.

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Blessings ~ Lucy

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