Discourse On John ~ The Tactless Preacher

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March 21, 2018                      (accompanying audio below)

If 'another John' were to show up today ~ what would the leaders (all leaders, not just the orgs) do? Would they chop off this person's ability to speak or be accepted by the group? Would they tell this person that they are prideful and that no one wants to hear them 'preach'? Or would they move away from the erroneous foci of the past 60 years and begin to discover for themselves this kingdom that Jesus spoke of ~ and the first John prepared the way thereto? Would they begin to authentically and sincerely PREACH this good news to our world SO desperate for healing, soul-satisfaction and the PERSONAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE of knowing God for themselves?

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170:5.19 Sooner or later another and greater John the Baptist is due to arise proclaiming “the kingdom of God is at hand” — meaning a return to the high spiritual concept of Jesus, who proclaimed that the kingdom is the will of his heavenly Father DOMINANT AND TRANSCENDENT in the heart of the believer — and doing all this without in any way referring either to the visible church on earth or to the anticipated second coming of Christ. There must come a revival of the actual teachings of Jesus, such a restatement as will undo the work of his early followers who went about to create a sociophilosophical system of belief regarding the fact of Michael’s (Jesus') sojourn on earth. In a short time the teaching of this story ABOUT Jesus nearly supplanted the preaching of Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom. In this way a historical religion displaced that teaching in which Jesus had blended man’s highest moral ideas and spiritual IDEALS with man’s most sublime hope for the future — eternal life. And that was the gospel of the kingdom.

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John led the way for Jesus’ unprecedented teachings!

"Tact is the fulcrum of social leverage, and tolerance is the earmark of a great soul. If you possess these rare and charming gifts, as the days pass you will become more alert and expert in your worthy efforts to avoid all unnecessary social misunderstandings." Teachings of Jesus, 156:5.18

tact  noun

adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.
"the inspector broke the news to me with tact and consideration"
synonyms: diplomacy, tactfulness, sensitivity, understanding, thoughtfulness, consideration, delicacy, discretion, prudence, judiciousness, subtlety, savoir faire;
informal savvy

tol·er·ance  noun

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.
"the tolerance of corruption"
synonyms: acceptance, toleration;

135:6.7 John was a heroic but tactless preacher.

144:8.3 "John is no weakling. Let me ask you who heard John preach before Herod put him in prison: What did you behold in John — a reed shaken with the wind? A man of changeable moods and clothed in soft raiment? As a rule they who are gorgeously appareled and who live delicately are in kings' courts and in the mansions of the rich. But what did you see when you beheld John? A prophet? Yes, I say to you, and much more than a prophet. Of John it was written: 'Behold, I send my messenger before your face; he shall prepare the way before you.’ ~ Jesus

John was perfect by NO means. However, Jesus spoke of John as being much MORE than a prophet!

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175:1.2 (To the spiritual leaders Jesus said: ) "By rejecting the truth of God and the light of heaven (the indwelling Fragment of God), they are aligning themselves on the side of error and darkness. There cannot be peace between light and darkness, between life and death, between truth and error." ~ Jesus

The opposite of peace is conflict. Jesus Himself said that His message would not bring peace on this world, but conflict.

155:5.11 The religion of the spirit means effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty, and progress. The religion of the mind — the theology of authority — requires little or none of these exertions from its formal believers. Tradition is a safe refuge and an easy path for those fearful and halfhearted souls who instinctively shun the spirit struggles and mental uncertainties associated with those faith voyages of daring adventure out upon the high seas of unexplored truth in search for the farther shores of spiritual realities as they may be discovered by the progressive human mind and experienced by the evolving human soul.

Do we have the intestinal fortitude and the courage to embrace some conflict and struggle instead of diverting what needs to be done by way of diversion and projection?

175:1.6 “And when you do once reject this revelation of God to man, the kingdom of heaven shall be given to other peoples, to those who will receive it with joy and gladness. In the name of the Father who sent me, I solemnly warn you that you are about to lose your position in the world as the standard-bearers of eternal truth and the custodians of the divine law. I am just now offering you your last chance to come forward and repent, to signify your intention to seek God with all your hearts and to enter, like little children and by sincere faith, into the security and salvation of the kingdom of heaven." ~ Jesus

Was Jesus employing tact and tolerance here? Or was He speaking straight-forwardly to unyielding leaders who sought His destruction and were using their pseudo-spiritual garbs to continue profiting from the truly spiritually hungry people they had power over and were leading astray?

175:1.8 "And now I call to witness these, my disciples and believers in the gospel of the kingdom, as well as the unseen messengers by their sides, that I have once more offered Israel and her rulers (fake spiritual leaders) deliverance and salvation." ~ Jesus

And then shortly after this ~ they killed Him ~ thinking that they had killed His message as well.

But they signally failed!

Praise God! ~ Lucy

david norwood