Discourse On Agondonter Strength

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March 26, 2018                           (accompanying audio below)

The Rewards of Isolation

On first thought it might appear that Urantia and its associated isolated worlds are most unfortunate in being deprived of the beneficent presence and influence of such superhuman personalities as a Planetary Prince and a Material Son and Daughter. But isolation of these spheres affords their races a unique opportunity for the exercise of faith and for the development of a peculiar quality of confidence in cosmic reliability which is not dependent on sight or any other material consideration. It may turn out, eventually, that mortal creatures hailing from the worlds quarantined in consequence of rebellion are extremely fortunate. We have discovered that such ascenders are very early intrusted with numerous special assignments to cosmic undertakings where unquestioned faith and sublime confidence are essential to achievement. 50:7.1

On Jerusem the ascenders from these isolated worlds occupy a residential sector by themselves and are known as the agondonters, meaning evolutionary will creatures who can believe without seeing, persevere when isolated, and triumph over insuperable difficulties even when alone. This functional grouping of the agondonters persists throughout the ascension of the local universe and the traversal of the superuniverse; it disappears during the sojourn in Havona but promptly reappears upon the attainment of Paradise and definitely persists in the Corps of the Mortal Finality. Tabamantia is an agondonter of finaliter status, having survived from one of the quarantined spheres involved in the first rebellion ever to take place in the universes of time and space. 50:7.2

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Think about our military and how they feel when they come home. They have experienced the very worst of things on our planet. And they have fought for the freedoms that we all too often take for granted. They must feel a deep sense of brotherhood/sisterhood when they walk onto one of our military bases. I think this is something like what we will feel coming to our future agondonter communities where others like us, from Earth/Urantia, hail from. We will just ‘know’ what the other has experienced. We will need this special place just for us. And this won’t make us feel more lonely. We will finally feel a sense of more belonging than we ever have before.

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All through the Paradise career, reward follows effort as the result of causes. Such rewards set off the individual from the average, provide a differential of creature experience, and contribute to the versatility of ultimate performances in the collective body of the finaliters. 50:7.3

How will we be/feel different having come from our world of nativity with NO planetary prince or Adam and Eve? No wonder we have such trouble socially and spiritually...and I think this is why we tend to want to stick to FACTS ABOUT things rather than experience things of the spirit. We simply haven’t been taught well. All we have had is ourselves infused with rebellion thinking.

Ambition is dangerous until it is fully socialized. You have not truly acquired any virtue until your acts make you worthy of it. 48:7:19

Jesus had a hard time socializing us as well, didn’t He?

so·cial·ize    verb

1. mix socially with others.

"he didn't mind socializing with his staff"

    synonyms:  interact, converse, be sociable, mix, mingle, get together, meet, fraternize, consort;

    entertain, go out;


    "these are not the type of people we want you socializing with"

    vir·tue   noun

    1.  behavior showing high moral standards.

    mor·al adjective

    1. concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.

    "the moral dimensions of medical intervention"

      synonyms:  virtuous, good, righteous, upright, upstanding, high-minded, principled, honorable, honest, just, noble, incorruptible, scrupulous, respectable, decent, clean-living, law-abiding

      "a moral man"

      Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love. 48:7.28

      possessed  adjective

      1. urgently desirous to do or have something

      The plain fact of the matter is that we are seemingly ‘un’ fortunate due to our bereft spiritual history. So it makes sense that we would be fostered to live together as we all become re-trained from our lack of spiritual endowments from our absent Prince and Adam/Eve. However, we will also be very different and highly prized in terms of our unusual confidence and strength of passion/fortitude by way of our inherent responses to life on our rough and tumble nativity world.

      No One will be able to keep us down.

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      So, let’s get together? YES! I think that we should get together!

      Spiritual growth is mutually stimulated by intimate association with other religionists. Love supplies the soil for religious growth — an objective lure in the place of subjective gratification — yet it yields the supreme subjective satisfaction. And religion ennobles the commonplace drudgery of daily living. 100:0.2


      The big question is ~ can we (overcome our differences) and will we?

      For our Father ~ yes.

      With the leadership of our Master, Jesus ~ yes.

      As Mother uplifts our minds more and more ~ yes.

      May we accomplish more than we could ever think, ask or dream of!

      Blessings, Lucy

      david norwood