Discourse On Love As Substance

March 3, 2018    (see accompanying audio below)

God is love.

I think it is safe to say that we all agree to this.

Throughout all the gigantic universe developments of past and future eternity, we detect the expansion of the comprehensible elements of the Universal Father. As the I AM, we philosophically postulate his permeation of total infinity, but no creature is able experientially to encompass such a postulate. As the universes expand, and as gravity and love reach out into time-organizing space, we are able to understand more and more of the First Source and Center. We observe gravity action penetrating the space presence of the Unqualified Absolute, and we detect spirit creatures evolving and expanding within the divinity presence of the Deity Absolute while both cosmic and spirit evolution are by mind and experience unifying on finite deity levels as the Supreme Being and are co-ordinating on transcendental levels as the Trinity Ultimate. 106:3.5

Love Reaches First Source and Center.png

‘...time-organizing SPACE...’ Much of this is physical and spiritual substance that emerges from LOVE that is reaching out from God.

‘...both cosmic and spirit evolution are by mind and experience unifying on finite deity levels as the Supreme Being...’

It is easy to postulate that love is actually substance that is moved by ‘gravity’ from the hand of God. If the evolution of mind and experience unify both cosmically and spiritually in the Supreme Being (who we know is in time and space) then we should be able to experience this love as more than a mere 3D concept. This love of God is actually palpable in spirit and visible in the mind.

Time is Ripe.png

Please don’t take issue with this without FULLY comprehending what Jesus and our Revelators have said. Love is substantive for us if we have the persistent and courageous faith to take it by spiritual assault. HE will reveal this palpable love to you as He grows you from within. After that we are able to love our fellows with true love and not just the psychic illusory lowly sentiment of the human concept of love that just falls short and flat most of the time.

God has created us for love and relationship just like He Himself loves in the relationship of the Trinity. We have our own little trinity within ourselves of our fragments of the Father, Jesus our Creator Son and our Mother Spirit who is our ‘mind’. This is an exact little replica and isn’t it gorgeous?! And one day we will all fuse together.

Trinity Circles - 3 in one.png

If we choose to live on our own (rejecting the pursuit of the indwelling kingdom of God) we may utilize the psychic illusion of the sentiment of love (human/animal level) as a concept that we emotionally send out to others in the hopes that we will get some sent back to us. This is what most on our planet do. And this is why everything feels so less than satisfying on nearly every material level. It’s supposed to feel this way. This is love conceptualized on our 3rd density level without God’s spirit involved.

As we said at the top...

God is Love but Love is not God.png

God is love and He is our Creator.

God’s true love is actual substance found in the spirit.

If this is so, then we should be able to substantively ‘experience’ this love as we worship. This goes beyond concept into the experiential spiritual substance of love as we have been taught we will enjoy after this life.

But what if we can experience this substantive love of God NOW and within our own beings. What if you can FEEL God’s love like you could experience someone giving you breath from CPR if you had stopped breathing for a minute? What if He can literally fill you with His palpable spiritual love as you worship Him?

Jesus knew that we didn’t understand love and this is why He came to tell us to go and find our Father who dwells within us. He knew that if we did we would discover the reality of SUBSTANTIVE love. This is where we discover our Father’s personality that our book/Revelators talk about.

As He hung on the cross He asked His Father to forgive them because ‘they don’t know what they are doing’. And we still don’t know.

Father Forgive Them.png

People felt something different and wonderful from Jesus as He lived before them because He was love in substance. ‘If you have seen the Son then you have seen the Father’. He was captivating, stirring, upsetting, adjusting and set the Pharisees teeth on edge ~ did He not? And this was/is a good thing! We need this. We need to be stirred into this new spiritual beginning for every one of us on a very personal level.

When we begin to attain our Father in personal spiritual worshipful experience we will become like Jesus in that those who meet us will feel this substantively loving difference for we will now be exuding love in REALITY and not just the concept of love as in the psychic illusion of the sentiment of 3rd density human/animal love.

Mysteries Appear Subtle and Profound.png

When this occurs the virus of love will sweep our planet one mind at a time.

May this be our agondonter legacy for our planet. May we be a part of our world’s new and fresh beginning towards Light and Life with the spiritual and palpable power of Love As Substance!

Blessings, Lucy

david norwood