Discourse On The Supreme and YOU

March 5, 2018                        (see accompanying audio below)

I think it’s just best to listen as you look at these verses and memes.

With God Sonship is the Relationship.png

WITH God the Father, sonship is the great relationship. With God the Supreme, achievement is the prerequisite to status — one must do something as well as be something. 115:0.1

"If you would but believe that my Father loves you with an infinite love, then you are in the kingdom of God." Jesus, 137:8.17

"Anxiety must be abandoned. The disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come." 48:7.21

"I have no fear; I am free from anxiety. I dwell in security, and my enemies cannot alarm me." Buddhism, 131:3.2


"Strong characters are not derived from not doing wrong but rather from actually doing right." 140:4.6

Supreme - DO.png

"Nothing of survival value is ever lost in all the wide universe." 109:3.2

Survival None Lost.png

To those feisty Agondonters serving the Supreme! See you on the other side.

Blessings, Lucy

david norwood